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Tea for eight years cork Hill spent drum smile beautiful
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Come nearly 8 years, Guizhou Jiangkou county and rural Huangbai village tea expands gradually, to this year the area achieves 1368 mus, which went into operation in 814 mus, total output value of about 2800000 yuan. It is relying on the tea industry is puissant prop up, treats village year per capita 1390 yuan from 2005, increased to 3658 yuan last year.

In 2005, not far from Phellodendron village dam plate rural bamboo village, in county Party committee, government planning, launched the tea plantation project. In fact, treats village of warm and humid climate, soil is better, more suitable for tea growing, so people and countryside Party committee, government decided in the village takes the lead in the development of tea industry. That year, 60 villagers hope to open up 75 acres of tea plantations. Cypress village tea cultivation, pour into the painstaking efforts of the people. The lack of cultivation technology, the specially organized several training sessions, village two appoint also bought relevant science and technology books issued, and organize the villagers to Tongren, Songtao to visit and study; the villagers did not start fund, the township government will provide free tea, the distribution of fertilizer subsidies. The beginning, in the face of this door is not in contact with the industry, some of the villagers are not about its prospects, worry about the actual benefit. The village Party branch secretary Long Xingxiang cited an example: " at that time, every mus of cropland of tea village allowance 25 kilograms of compound fertilizer, the fertilizer can be applied to secretly take in the corn. " However, with the 2007 tea garden in succession put into production, benefit every little bit to appear. In 2007, a mu of tea can adopt fresh tea many kilograms 50, the output value of two hundred or three hundred yuan, then gradually increase, to 2009, mu produce tea can amount to many kilograms 800, four thousand or five thousand yuan output value.

In 8 years, tea drum treats people pocket, let more and more villagers from poverty. Guizhou Jiangkou net park spring tea industry limited company also have been trying. The villagers have used simple words and their changes; " the credit union loan paid off ", " the village pork than previous sales broke up a few times ", " low protect also get rid of low cap ".

Looking at the cypress village 8 years poor to rich change, people more and more at Cypress Village waist drum, smile more and more, and they were together for 8 years of secretary of countryside Party Committee regrets say: " the agricultural development, increase farmers‘ income is not difficult, the key is to choose a suitable path of industry, then a step step down, treats village story is a good example of. "

Cypress village changes only people and rural industrial development and the adjustment of industrial structure of a miniature, it is reported, this countryside average per capita income from 1386 yuan in 2005 to 3862 yuan in 2011 was turned over nearly 3.


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