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Create brand tea
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This year, county anger Township production " Fanjing Tsui bud " won the gold medal, not only make the villagers share the industry development in the golden fruit, and the township, the development of tea industry to move towards a brand direction, to create the brand of tea.

Adversity and development

County township is a typical wrath of mountain and hilly land form, because of the remote, all the time since, this countryside farmer grow flue-cured tobacco, rape and other traditional crops as the main industry, development mode is single, lack of characteristic industry, weak economic foundation is to restrict the development of countryside economy one big "bottleneck ", per capita is less than 2000 yuan.

Ninety time lift working boom, in which a large number of young and middle-aged labor force outflow in succession to the coastal developed areas, each and every family by working to make money to support the family, particularly the slow pace of industrial development. Finally, in 2007, appeared a favourable turn, county Party committee, the government put tea planting identified as entire county economy to develop new industries. Township Party committee, the government in anger for serious research and solicit opinions from all sides on the basis of, put forward " build anger Township million mu ecological tea garden " train of thought, and it was decided to Luo Xiangcun pilot, fan out from point to area, radiation driven the development of the industry

The township, seize opportunity, put forward " development characteristic industry, building rich anger Creek " theme, and actively made plans, ideas, think of ways, through the convening of the mass mobilization will, villages and peasant households on propaganda and mobilization of the masses in the form of tea plant. The use of distance education platform, learning and training and other forms of learning, let the masses watch, other place to depend on the development of tea industry to become rich, expand economy of graphic data. Organization of village, group of Party members and cadres, youth, villager represents 100 much person-time, go to Zunyi, Meitan and other tea park to conduct study tours, to learn their successful experience and scientific management of production technology.

However, get the opposite of what one wants, rustic cadre enthusiasm, and did not get the understanding and support, not to let their energy, investment and time in vain people adopt a wait-and-see attitude. In order to let farmers feel industry benefits, township, village cadre took the lead in using their own fields planted with tea, with practical action to guide you. In their lead, the whole country has more than 80 households were using their good cropland mellow soil planting tea, a total of more than 500 acres, the township tea development opened a good head.

Industrial development strides a stride

To further expand the tea planting area and the scale, anger township is active around " million mu of tea industry belt " this grand goal, make every attempt to lead the masses to pay close attention to the development of tea industry

Barren and abandoned land is the township of one great natural resources, in order to develop these resources, this countryside actively encouraged and supported the mobilization of local funds, to understand the management of individual bearing barren mountain, land reclamation, mass, mass of new tea garden base connect. At the same time, countryside, village is the first with the farmers to form " 1+1 " or " 1+ " to help the dyad, partnership, joint venture development of tea, effectively promote the village tea industry scale development.

Only rely on the local people to their own development, soon revealed the shortage of funds, lack of technology, the defects of the introduction of standard, technology, qualified who wants to appear particularly important. Then, the township, in capital attraction respect made a text, they take the initiative to find related units holding red bridge, invited foreign businessmen to rural investigation. As a result of this countryside has superior terrain, climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, pollution-free advantages be richly endowed by nature, together with the local folk customs honest, hard-working people good, soon attracted a large number of businessmen to invest in new tea garden. At present, the country has been in the Luo, estuary, as to building village of 100 mus of above have built large-scale tea 13, area 14000 mus. Mountain tea industry limited company, net Garden Tea Company 8 tea production companies settled in the countryside. This year, picking area of 1500 acres, has been the production of spring tea 1.5 tons, production value breaks through 40000000 yuan.

Tries their best to build " gold " brand

" To make tea to produce enough economic benefits, must create their own brand of tea and tea culture characteristic. " Yang Huajun of secretary of countryside Party committee says.

Based on suiting to the market and demand, the rural focus on creating unique ecological tea brand. Through several years of continuous derivative, development and innovation, the rural tea brand " Fanjing Tsui bud ", " Fanjing Mao Feng", " golden snow without ", " Golden Buddha bud " 4 brands. In May of last year, they put the tea into the China ( Shanghai ) International Tea Fair booth. Hard work pays off, " the countryside of Fanjing Tsui bud " tea with their own unique taste and is close to the heart of the tea culture in the International Tea Exposition at the top, " won the special Gold Award " award. In August the same year, the Chinese Tea Association organized the Ninth "Cup " national famous tea in selection activity, " Fanjing Chui buds " to boast Qunfang attitude, won the " first prize " the green, in the language of 793 tea samples ranked eighty-eighth, from quality from the authority of experts and the majority of tea culture of the highly affirmed. In May this year, the Shanghai Tea Expo on 200 kinds of tea in the selection, mountain tea company won the " gold medal", was awarded the "silver net spring garden company ".

Nowadays, " Fanjing Tsui bud " tea has become angry Township tea a piece of a gilded signboard, leading and driving anger Township economic society to better target for development of.


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