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About Guizhou tea merchants tens of billions of capital of tea industry in Guizhou
Source:West Lake Longjing information platform  Visits:1106  Time:2012-08-31
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West Lake Longjing information platform on August 27th news: the Guizhou tea develops quickly attracted national attention, has become the industry discussion hot spot, what is the reason that Guizhou tea industry in a short period of time, produced tremendous change? It is the capital of the intervention.

In March of this year, Guizhou province investment in shares of the company held a press conference, announced investment of Guizhou tea industry. In just a few months time, Panjiang investment company group company establishs Guizhou your world tea industry limited company, the registered capital of 120000000 yuan, the total investment capital of 5 billion. The company hired well-known domestic institutions in Xie Mao planning brand planning agencies are planning, packaging, spared no expense to invite international superstar Lin Chiling miss the company build its brand endorsement, " your world" directed toward the first brand of Chinese tea. In the next three years, your world tea company plans to open 1000 stores, your world tea industry the company into a listing Corporation.

From the beginning of 2007, the Guizhou provincial finance takes out about 30000000 yuan every year for the development of tea industry, at the same time, the integration of modern agricultural development funds, for the development of tea industry. In the national finance capital gives aid to drive, Guizhou each year hundreds of tea enterprises. Industrial and commercial capital, private capital poured into the tea industry, five years to attract private capital into tea industry accumulated nearly 10 billion yuan.

And be in before this, listing Corporation Guizhou Tongjitang pharmaceutical is high-key also entered the Guizhou tea industry, bold acquisition of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises of Fenggang province wind ecological organic tea company, and the Huaxi security for a long time the tens of thousands of ancient tea trees, but also acquired the Guizhou one of the ten major tea " Emerald " as the company ‘s flagship brand.

In Guizhou, like your world, your tea. Guizhou Jiangkou net park spring tea industry limited company this company still has a lot of. Such as Qian Lin Chau Group, Tongmao investment group, euro RSCG, Dongtai, and etc, they to coal, pharmaceutical, real estate, land development, the accumulation of capital, transferred to tea industry, what they see is the tea to enrich the people, ecological, health and the future development potential of green tea.

Guizhou tea also attracted a large number of foreign investors. A Zhejiang boss last year in the county to invest billions of dollars to buy County dam on the plantation of 2000 acres of tea plantations, and built a modern clean chemical processing plant. From Fujian merchants Ye Wensheng, in the county of Meitan investment in the construction of the Shengxing tea company, now named the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. At the beginning of this year, Beijing abundant tea industry limited company and Tuyun tea company signed the purchase agreement, the first year will buy 20 tons, value is close 10000000 yuan.

Why so much about merchants from other provinces of Guizhou green tea, Beijing green tea industry limited company chairman Ma Yue said, the current Guizhou tea while in brand building and outside the gap, but the Guizhou tea quality, for the industry and capital market.

From 2007 up to now, the Guizhou tea enterprises from more than 200, increased to 829, the enterprise of national level bibcock 8, provincial bibcock enterprise 52; tea professional cooperatives from scratch, to the development of 363. According to industry experts estimate, nearly five years, Guizhou tea to attract capital investment 10 billion yuan.

The enterprise starts industry Hing, these big business and other business investment in Guizhou tea industry, Guizhou industry to span development into a strong capital power.

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The gauntlet secretary in the province of report of Eleventh Party Congress pointed out that: " my province is a typical inland a mountainous province, bring vitality in some sense than the reform bring vigor to. Not only is open, open to the outside world, but also the opening to the interior ". Only an open, to introduce enterprise, promoting the processing, occupying the market, do large-scale, accelerate the development of the market economy. Bigger and stronger Guizhou tea industry, must adhere to the open hurried development, competition and promote development, vigorously the introduction of domestic and foreign strategic investors, the investment, acquisition, merger and restructuring the overall in Guizhou tea industry, tea base, processing enterprises development, marketing and technical services and other business activities. To extend through the opening, the introduction of industrial and commercial capital, private capital to the tea industry agglomeration, implement cross-sectoral, cross-regional, cross system of ownership management. Both must vigorously to attract foreign investment, but also increase the existing enterprise support for training efforts, do do strong bibcock business greatly, accelerate the development of small and micro businesses, to promote the park agglomeration and industry cluster development. It is necessary to " borrow a boat to go to sea ", but also strengthen the current channel construction, cultivate their own regional brand and enterprise brand. The opening extending through the formation of excellent enterprises, foreign and native tea enterprises competition, common development of good posture. To " bringing in" and "going out " to better combine, develop tea, enterprises, joint external publicity, focus on the introduction of marketing enterprises, with a large open to promote the tea industry development. ( excerpt from the May 16, 2012, provincial Party committee secretary, governor Zhao Kezhi in the province‘s tea industry the speech on Congress )


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