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Tea is a kind of mood, in the tea taste tea, through our heart relax. Tea because tea vary according to the kind of choice, bubble tea glassware, drink tea to China cup for the gifted, oolong tea in Yixing purple sand for. Tea tea, tea, pay attention to the concept of tea three procedures. The tea is the tea to tea expert review, people will be able to give green tea, black tea, scented tea, green tea ( oolong tea ), white tea, yellow tea, black tea and other different types to. Greater stress can also distinguish" Mingqian"," rain"," Longjing"," sparrow tongue .". What tea with high temperature water, brew, punching, bubble, cooking methods vary. View tea is tea shape and color. Tea is brewed, shape will change a lot, almost will restore the original state of natural tea, especially tea, tenderness, bud Ye Chengduo, in the tea stand gracefully erect, very pretty and charming; some are Yatou fat, shoots in the tea on the ups and downs, like many flag guns. Tea at will with the tea color show movement and slowly, gradually from the shallower to the deeper, tea because of the different types and the formation of green, yellow, red ... ... This view is very be good to hear or see Brown tea form tours. The third step is to tea, tea to soup tastes and smell tea. The tea is first dry olfactory, i.e. olfactory without brewing dry tea. Tea can be divided into sweet fragrance, scent, coke, tea is brewing, the fragrance will ensue from water dispersible overflow, you can then sniff. Tea tea tea, tea, teapots, saucers, tea, tea, tea clips, Chabo needle, a teaspoon, tea, filter, raising the pot, tea cup, pen smells cup and so on more than 20 species, which is used for smelling smelling cup. Aroma, with the thumb and forefinger hold tea cup along the middle finger, hold the bottom of the cup, three tea tasting drink, this is " tea". On the1talking about Confucian Yi 2Buddhist scriptures speak;3song "to speak" the four number one. Speaking through justice or the Buddhist Sutra story. On the road ( Road )1seek consider decrees2comment rule, clarify the truth


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