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Tea and health have what relation?
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[review] tea is beneficial to human health, its anti extension of old role, the role of Chinese ancients through observation and practice have long known, and has been recorded. " Eating" Shennong had recorded" long take is

Tea is beneficial to human health, its anti extension of old role, the role of Chinese ancients through observation and practice have long known, and has been recorded. " Eating" Shennong had recorded" long take a strong Yue Zhi"," potpourri" was also recorded" bitter tea light changing". Modern research confirms the tea contains human essential chemical composition, containing certain diseases have truly effective substance. Daily tea intake is small, but often these supplements, the human body can play a role in nutrition and health. So tea called natural health drink was the live up to one‘s name.

According to Chinese traditional medicine explanation, tea taste sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic. Heart lung and stomach. A dispel fatigue, clear thinking eyesight; Shengjinzhike, diuretic antidiarrheal; cough stand out, heat-clearing and detoxifying, Xiaoshi weight function. For the prevention and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, coronary heart disease, the treatment of indigestion, diarrhea; sluggish, slow thinking; edema oliguria, water will adversely; phlegm panting and cough. The modern tea is also thought to have prevention and resistance to radioactive damage.

From the nutritional value of tea and health relationship of trace elements in tea, manganese, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, P, E and tea polyphenols, can eliminate free radical, inhibit lipid peroxidation, which often drink tea is prolong life. Tea tea single Ning material, can maintain normal cellular metabolism, inhibiting cell mutation and cancer cell differentiation, and tea has certain anti-cancer effect. Tea of lipopolysaccharide to radiation damage, improve hematopoiesis and vascular protection. Enhanced microvascular toughness, prevent the rupture; reduce blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis. In fact, the anti-aging effects understood to prolong life might be more appropriate number. However, the health benefits of tea with many.

Tea is not only has a history of thousands of years ancient beverage, and is one of the world‘s three largest non-alcoholic beverage is one of. Relative to the coffee and cocoa, tea and because of its natural and more beneficial to human health and longevity are welcomed. Who in a survey comparing the advantage and disadvantage of the beverage, tea beverage is best, especially the best drink in the elderly. Somebody is fatidical, twenty-first Century will be the century of tea beverage. Tea obtains this special honour, is that people use modern science and technology continue to reveal our ancestors from the practice that tea can ward off illnesses, health, longevity secrets.

Modern medical research shows the relationship between tea and health tea, in the presence of illnesses, health, longevity of organic chemical constituents, such as tea polyphenols, vitamin, amino acid, pigment and lipopolysaccharide, caffeine, and inorganic chemical composition, such as trace elements of potassium, zinc, selenium, fluoride, manganese, copper, iron, there are more than 400 kinds. China‘s scientific workers in anticancer research early in the United States, Japan, Britain, Russia and other countries, law, Chinese tea contains catechins can block the formation of nitroso compounds. Nitroso compounds is a human carcinogen. Tea experts and medical experts to study has been basically proved, by tea polyphenols consisting mainly of a variety of active ingredients (EGCG, vitamin C, E, carotene, saponin etc. ) can kill cancer cells, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, blocking carcinogen formation, play a role in restraining. Medical experiments show that, the tea contains polyphenols have lower cholesterol, inhibit the rise in blood pressure, reduce blood LDL effect. While in the tea flavonols and selenium and other compositions having enhanced microvascular, lowering blood pressure, preventing myocardial impairment effect, so the tea has a lower blood pressure, cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenols has strong bactericidal effect, of dysentery, the effect of acute gastroenteritis. In the tea catechins and lipid polysaccharide can inhibit the rise in blood sugar ( diabetes ), these have been in medical experiment.


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